Does Negan Die in The Walking Dead Season 11?

Does Negan Die in The Walking Dead Season 11

The 11th and final season of The Walking Dead has gotten off to a thrilling and action-packed start. The Reapers finally come face-to-face with Daryl, Maggie, and the rest of the group of survivors. The trip itself to get to the new antagonists was full of challenges and activities.

In AMC’s The Walking Dead, Negan Smith is a prominent character, a former antagonist, and a survivor. He spent seven and a half years in jail in Alexandria. He managed to escape as Gabriel’s cell door was not properly locked. Negan chose to return to Alexandria. He also managed to establish a very strong relationship with Judith.

For two and a half seasons, he led his group, the Saviours, to the Hilltop, Alexandria, and The Kingdom. Episode 5 of the series mentions him as being alive. But there is uncertainty among players and we are going to clear the air surrounding Negan.

Negan: Alive or Dead – Season 11 The Walking Dead?

Negan Smith was born and raised in Virginia. Negan was a high school gym instructor when he was an adult. Despite the fact that he takes a long time to complete his task, he succeeds in taking action. Despite the fact that he takes a long time to do his task, he manages to get things done. He subsequently interferes with Daryl’s killing of Beta.


On his way to Meridian, Negan joins Maggie’s gang on a mission through Washington, D.C. Despite starting with a big crew, they suffered fatalities in an attack by The Reapers, and it was Maggie and Negan who had to complete the task. His growing character to this day has prepared him to make a heroic sacrifice to finally redeem himself, but we feel that his chances of survival are extremely low.

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