Does Madden 22 Have College Team and How to Play

Rachel Zang
Rachel Zang

Madden 22 has brought back some of the most demanded features from old titles in the series and one of them is Face of the Franchise, which allows players to experience College Teams, but only briefly. If you are wondering how to College Teams in Madden 22 and if it’s possible, we have all the information in this guide.

Can you play as College Teams in Madden 22?

If you were expecting a specific mode that allowed you to play college teams, you would be disappointed to know there is no such thing. The game is a simulator of pro football. However, EA has included a small opportunity for players to experience the College Teams’ experience in Face of the Franchise.

In Face of the Franchise, users can create a character and take that character all the way to the Hall of Fame starting from high school. During the career of the created player, he will have the opportunity to play College Teams. But, that’s only a brief part of the game and as the player’s career progresses he will move on from College, get drafted, and go pro.

So, can you play as College Teams? The answer is yes but only for a brief moment. There is no mode that allows you to specifically play in college. The feature was once a part of the game, but due to a range of reasons EA has decided to skip it on this title.     

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