Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Child Units – Explained

 Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Child Units – Explained

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to the Fire Emblem series. It is also a tactical turn-based game where players need multiple characters to make a party and defeat the enemy. 

Child units were part of many Fire Emblem series titles, Child units all have different skills and power as they are created by inheriting different characters. 

In this guide, you will know does Fire Emblem Engage have child units or not. And why? 

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Child Units?

Fire Emblem Engage does not have child units as of right now. In order to get a child unit, there are certain criteria:

  1. Pair up a male and female character on a battlefield many numbers of times.
  2. Improve their relationship status (pairing characters in battle improves it)
  3. Status must reach a point where they will get married
  4. After the marriage some time needs to pass for the couple to have children.

Every step is possible in Fire Emblem Engage but one and that is 4th one. In Fire Emblem Engage, there is no timeskip in the story so the possibility to have a child is impossible. All the past Fire Emblem Titles which have child units have a timeskip in their story.  It is very likely that a future DLC might add the child units in Fire Emblem Engage because marriage between characters is present in the game. 

So what are the benefits of Child units?

Child units can be a powerhouse of a character that can only participate in battle when the married couple is present in the battle party.

Child units inherit the skills and move sets from the parent characters and no 2 child units will have the same skill and move sets.   

These combinations of skill and moveset can be very useful in Fire Emblem Engage as the is more focus on strategy this time around. 

That’s all about the child units in Fire Emblem Engage. Although child units are not present in the game right now but can be added later with the new DLCs. 

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