DMZ Mud Covered Cache Key Location

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

A new season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has officially begun, bringing a host of tweaks and features to the exfil mode. If the battle royale mode in Warzone 2 doesn’t get your pulse rate up enough, gamers may test their mettle in the ultimate fighting arena—DMZ. 

Al Mazrah, inspired by Escape From Tarkov, is where players hunt for gear and riches. You may have encountered a locked box or discovered a key while exploring Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, but there are dozens of keys to find. DMZ keys can also be used to open enemy bases and buildings for looting – an alternative method that can help you get your hands on some great gear. Let’s see in this guide where to find the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ.

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Where to Find the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ?

You can acquire the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ anywhere on the map, in a duffel bag, dropped after killing high-value targets for Contracts, or found in Al Mazrah in various ways. Obtaining keys is not a proven method. Most of it is just luck or finding them through one of these methods.

Where to Use the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ?

Once you have found the Mud Covered Cache Key in DMZ,

  • Open the new Ashika Island map.
  • Go to the Tsuki Castle on the map and at the G5 location, you’ll find a bridge. We need to head under this bridge.
DMZ Mud Covered Cache Key Location
  • Keep away from the Tsuki Castle because Wheelson and tons of AI can destroy you.
  • After reaching the location, dive into the water under the bridge.
DMZ Mud Covered Cache Key Location
  • Here you’ll find the locked Mud Covered Cache.
DMZ Mud Covered Cache Key Location
  • Use the key to unlock this cache box.

This concludes our guide on the Mud Covered Cache key location in DMZ. Check our other guides for more updates on the game.

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