Discord Your Files Are Too Powerful Error & Can’t Scroll Chat – Issue Acknowledged

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Discord is a great tool for connecting with friends, especially while playing online games. This platform has attracted millions of users from around the world because it has many high-end features and it just works fine. But still, many users have been reporting several reports and bugs with its services such as not connecting to Xbox, bad network request errors, and much more.

Lately, many Discord users are running into the error “Files are too powerful”. If you occur to be one of them, worry not many other users are also running into the same error message.

According to multiple reports, users have been getting very annoyed because when they want to share a video with someone over Discord, they receive this error message. 

However, it is important to note that the error “Files are too powerful” appears only if the size of the file you are attempting to share is more than 8 MB. But sadly, some users are also reporting that although the file size is under limit still, they are not able to upload video files. 

Thankfully, the Discord support team has acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter handle.

As you can see, they have assured us that their team is working on the matter and they have not revealed an ETA for when the solution will be available.

Another issue many users are reporting is that they cannot scroll chat on Discord on the iOS platform. However, they can use the sidebar to access the chats but when they enter into a chat on Discord, they are not able to scroll through chat messages.

Fortunately, the Discord support team has acknowledged this issue as well and informed us that the fix is in the progress. 

Hopefully, we will have the solutions to these issues very soon so that the users can start using Discord services without any issues.

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