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Digimon Survive Choice Guide – What to Answer Saki “if we become sacrifices, then…”

Digimon Survive Choice Guide - What to Answer Saki “if we become sacrifices, then…”

Digimon Survive is a relaxing and fun game with no intense action moments. From the beginning of the game, players need to be careful with their choices because the choices they make will pave the way for the game to progress further and determine the ending they get. In this game, you’ll encounter Saki several times, and you have to interact with her. This guide will help you know how you answer Saki when she asks, “if we become sacrifices, then….”

Answer Saki in Digimon Survive- How to Answer Her When She Says, “if we become sacrifices, then…”?

 After your fight with Garurumon and Monzaemon ends and you enter part 5 of the game, you’ll be taken back to the school. Then, you’ll enter a Free Action phase where you’ll get the chance to interact with other characters. The primary objective of this interaction is to increase your Affinity with them. During this phase, go to the gym to find Saki.

When you find Saki, you’ll see she is profoundly impacted by what Garurumon and Monzaemon said during the last fight. When she notices you, she will ask, “if we become sacrifices, then…,” and you’ll be given three options to reply to her. The choice is tricky. But players should choose “We can go home” to increase Saki’s Affinity. It is essential to get Saki’s Affinity because it’ll open up further opportunities, and you’ll get her help during battles. Saki Can provide Digimon with Verbal Boost during battles.

Additionally, this correct choice is crucial because it is followed by a scene where you’ll find Saki getting changed in the gym and someone touching her inappropriately. In the beginning, you find yourself hiding in the gym, and when this scene happens, you have to expose the person who wants to touch Saki inappropriately. However, we are unsure whether you’ll get this scene if your answer is wrong. But even if you get the scene after giving Saki a wrong reply, you may get accused as the person touching her inappropriately. Therefore, give her the proper response in the first place to increase your Affinity with Saki, so you don’t get accused wrongly.

That’s all you need to know about answering Saki when she asks, “if we become sacrifices, then….” However, if you want to try the consequences of giving her the wrong replies, you can try them out.

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