Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Location This Week From Jan 12 – 18 2021

Throve Guardian is an unusual looking Hive enemy that you may stumble across while exploring the vastness of the moon or if you go searching for it. These are tough enemies to beat and can cut your entire body parts with a single swing of the sword. After defeating the Throve Guardian you can get the loot chest like other enemies but it’s a bit complicated. On top of that, the location of the beast changes every week. Not to worry though, you can bookmark this post as we will update the location of Throve Guardian every week.

We will also discuss the chest and its contents. So, keep scrolling to know Destiny 2 Trove Guardian location this week from Jan 12th to 18th 2021.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Location This Week From Jan 12th – 18th 2021

In Destiny 2, the Throve Guardian can be found in one of the three locations on the moon – Anchor of Light, Archer’s Line, or Hellmouth. Finding Throve Guardian is the easy bit, defeating him is something else, but manageable. As for the location, we will update it in this post and you can simply open the map and head there.        

Destiny 2 Throve Guardian location this week from 12th to 18th Jan 2021 is Hellmouth.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Puzzle

To get to the Throve Guardian, spawn at Sorrow’s Harbor and make your way to the Guardian’s location at Hellmouth. You will find the Throve Guardian in the same area as the public event – Witches Ritual.

After defeating the Throve Guardian, look around in the area and you should find a long, elevated platform. From here, you will have to engage in some jumping puzzles, it’s akin to Dreaming City hidden chests. If you have done those, the puzzles are nothing unfamiliar. Keep jumping on the next platform and after a while, you will land on a platform with a chest. That’s it, you have completed the Throve Guardian challenge for the week and have the loot.

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post on a weekly basis. Make sure to bookmark the page for future reference of Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Location that week.  

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