Destiny 2 “Temporarily at Capacity” Explained

As with most popular multiplayer titles, new seasons or content attract not just the regular players, but seasonal players who want to check out the new content. And the number of these occasional players is quite substantial. This puts a strain on the server, and you may get the Destiny 2 servers are “Temporarily at Capacity” message. Here is all you need to know about the Destiny 2 “Temporarily at Capacity”.

What is Destiny 2 “Temporarily at Capacity”?

The error message is quite simple and straightforward. There are too many players attempting to jump into the game and the servers are at capacity and cannot accommodate any new players.

One would assume that with as big as title as Destiny 2 and the money they make, the devs would increase the capacity of the servers to accommodate everyone. But that’s not practical given these large number of players won’t stick to the game for more than a few days.

Can you do something about the issue? No, this isn’t a problem with your system or the internet connection. It’s an issue with the server and Bungie would have to handle it. Normally, these server queue don’t last more than a few days after the launch of a new season.

One of the common things players do when faced with an error is to reboot the game and even power cycle the router. In this case, you should allow the queue to proceed and your turn to come. Rebooting the game would lose your placement and the next time you could be further down the queue.  

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