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Destiny 2 – Prophecy Dungeon Urns Location in Season of Arrivals

Where to Find Prophecy Dungeon Urns in Season of Arrivals

With patch 2.9.0 rolling out, you can now download and access the new season ‘Season of Arrivals’ in Destiny 2. This season is all about learning how to use the power of darkness and is a build-up to the upcoming expansion of the game expected to release on Sep 22 after the end of the current season. Season of Arrivals brings a lot of exciting stuff for players and the Prophecy Dungeon is one of them. It’s a new dungeon introduced in this season. Prophecy is a free Dungeon, even players without the Shadowkeep Annual Pass can enjoy the activities. Among the bounties and secrets in the new dungeon is the Urns that you can find all around the dungeon right from the Drifter’s ship to the boss area. In this Destiny 2 guide, we will help you locate all the Prophecy Dungeon Urns Location in Season of Arrivals.

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Urns Locations in Prophecy Dungeon

You should know that there are a total of 12 urns scattered all around the map in the new dungeon. There is no known lore behind the urns, but once you find all 12 you can unlock the “Urn It” triumph. Here are the locations of all 12 Urns in Prophecy Dungeon.

If you would rather watch a video that shows you all the locations, we have embedded it at the end of the post.

Urn 1 – Location – Drifter’s Ship

The first Urn can be found in Drifter’s Ship right after you land in the Dungeon. When you land, go back and jump on the platform that’s situated above you.

Urn 2 – Location – Derelict Portal

You can find the second Urn at the destination of Derelict portal. Look for the round hole, it should be behind you, enter the hole and you can find the 2nd Urn behind a rock.

Urn 3 – Location – After First Taken Centurion Encounter

After you have completed your first Taken Centurion encounter you can find the third Urn. As you progress after the encounter towards the right, you can see four holes. Besides the fourth hole you will find the Urn.

Urn 4 – Location – Same as Above

The fourth Urn can be found in the same location as the third. From the four holes, jump into any one and you will see some blight, the Urn is hidden behind rubbles near the third blight.

Urn 5 & 6 – Location – Wastelands

When you complete the first boss encounter, you appear in the Wastelands. Here, you will find the fourth Urn. Look for pillars on your left. You will find the Urn behind the fourth pillar.

The sixth Urn is also located in the Wastelands. After you have completed the encounter, head towards the large door, but do not enter. Follow the walls until it ends and you will again see some pillars. Go to the pillars and behind the third you will find the 6th Urn.

Urn 7 & 8 – Location – Hexahedron

To find the Urn 7, you will need to enter the Hexahedron, but do not start the encounter yet as the Urn can be found at the spawning ground. It on the golden rectangular platform.

Once you have completed the Hexahedron encounter, you can look for Urn 8 on the ceiling. Find the glowing Taken eye and behind it you can find the Urn.

Urn 9 & 10 – Location – Rainbow Road

When you spawn on Rainbow Road, go up and you will find the Urn 9 on a platform. Follow the road and you will find an entrance, explore here and you will also find the 10th Urn.

Urn 11 & 12 – Location – Final Boss

The 11th and 12th Urn can be found at the final boss location. The Urn 11 can be found before final boss room. As you are teleported from the Rainbow Road to the new area with a big nine on the wall, go to the staircase on the right and behind the wall you will find the Urn 11.

When you enter the boss room, look up and you will see a large triangle on the wall. There is a platform behind the triangle, go to the platform and you will find your final Urn there.

Check out the video for a visual guide.

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