Destiny 2 – How to Start Vault of Glass Raid

Unlike Destiny the original game, the Vault of Glass works differently in Destiny 2. After a long time, this feature of the game has made an appearance. Vault of Glass would make its appearance at 10 AM Pacific Time on May 22. However, like the previous title, you cannot organically start the Vault of Glass. Here is how to get started with Vault of Glass and how to complete the raid in Destiny 2.  

How to Start Vault of Glass in Destiny 2

Once the Vault of Glass raid has gone live, you can go to the Director and you would see a new node appear called Legends. You can start the Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 via the new node. To find the new node, open the Director and on the right of the Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard node, you will see a new Node named Legends.

It’s in this node that you will find the Vault of Glass raid.  It’s also a place where you will find more of the old content from Destiny in the coming days.

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