Destiny 2 – How to Get the Time-Worn Spire

There are a lot of Weapons and Armor in Destiny 2 and it becomes difficult for players to choose one. The Time Worn Spire is a new Rapid-Fire Frame pulse rifle in the game of Destiny 2. Earlier it was a static rolled gun but now it has been upgraded. The rifle is back with new perks and rolls options. In the following guide, we will learn how to get this Time Worn Spire in Destiny 2.

How to Get The Time-Worn Spire in Destiny 2

To get The Time-Worn Spire, you will need to run some Iron Banner. It is a reward from the main Iron Banner quest in this season which is called Saladin’s Gauntlet.

At Step 4, at the end of the quest, you will get a drop of the weapon. Despite this, you can also get drops throughout Iron Banner at the end of matches or when you hand in tokens. 

In its previous season, players have not seen this so much. But in this season, it seems players can get more and more new weapon drops throughout Iron Banner.

Perks and God Rolls Time-Worn Spire

The Time Worn Spire features sight perks rather than barrel perks. Some of the best selections are the Hitmark IS, Cleanshot IS, and Red Dot Micro.

For magazine perks, you have several different options. Since it is a Rapid-Fire Frame, it does not offer the range which other pulse rifle frames provide. So, to increase its power, you should look for Light Mag, Ricohet Rounds, or High Caliber Rounds.

In most cases, you should avoid these perks. Conversely, you have 2 solid damage perk options. You can have One For All for a hit-based buff or have Rampage for a kill-based buff.


Here are some of the perk combinations and god rolls you should try on the Destiny 2 Time Worn Spire: 

– Feeding Frenzy + Rampage: This combo will work great for PVE and will help to clear large groups of rank-and-file enemies. Although it is beneficial in PVP, it can be quite tough to get more than 1 or 2 Rampage stacks.

– Feeding Frenzy + One For All: Feeding Frenzy can be a good pair with One For All’s deadliness as One For All is excellent damage per that does not require to kill to activate the buff.

Thus, if you are eager to grab this pulse, you can get it easily for yourself by following this guide. And yes! Do not miss sharing your experience in the following comment section.

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