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Destiny 2 Deepsight Resonance Chest not Appearing & Rewards Not Counting – Bungie Acknowledged

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Destiny 2 is one of the hottest free-to-play FPS games by Bungie Inc. Now and then, the developers bring new content and features. The Witch Queen is the latest and major expansion in Destiny 2. However, it seems this new update has brought several bugs and issues with it that affect especially players on PlayStation consoles and PC.

In the crafting system in Destiny 2, gamers can craft their weapons. However, for crafting, players need to get Deepsight Resonance weapons first which they can get in random drops after defeating foes or they can also get through guaranteed Deepsight weapon chests.

But players are reporting on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums that the Deepsight Resonance chest is missing and rewards are not tracking or counting.

Deepsight Resonance Chest Rewards Are Not Tracking or Missing

Many players are now reporting that the Deepsight Resonance chest rewards at the end of King’s Fall are not tracking or counting progress. Deepsight Resonance weapons are a very important component in Destiny 2 that are used to craft weapons in The Witch Queen.

According to multiple reports, players are having a problem where some of their Deepsight Resonance weapons like Taipan-4FR are not being given once completed and collected. In addition, some weapons are not even gaining progress on them. Because of this issue, many players are not able to add their perks to their favorite weapons.

Deepsight Resonance Chest is Missing

That’s not the only issue players are facing currently with Destiny 2, many other players are also reporting that the Deepsight Resonance chest is missing or not appearing.

Across the Dreadnought, there are 9 possible symbols and gamers need to shoot 3 of any of the random ones to get the chest. But due to a bug, this chest doesn’t appear for gamers even though they have tried raids several times.

Thankfully, one of the players has shared a temporary workaround on Twitter and said:

Gratefully, the Bungie support team has confirmed this issue related to the Deepsight Resonance chest and informed us that they are working on the matter. However, they have not shared an ETA when it will be fixed but hopefully, they will surely find out the solution very soon.

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