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Destiny 2 – Ada-1 location – Where to find Ada-1

Destiny 2 – Ada-1 location - Where to find Ada-1

Black Forge brings plenty of cool new armor, weapons, and missions to Destiny 2 to please players. While the loot is fascinating in this season, the add-ons are the most interesting addition that comes via its leader called the Exo who is known as Ada-1. Ada-1 is the vendor for the system. Using the Armor Synthesis system, you can change the appearance of your armor without changing its functionality. So, it is very important to find out Ada1 in Destiny 2. Let us learn where to find Ada-1 in Destiny 2, the exact location of Ada-1. But before we proceed, let’s know the main role of Ada-1.

Role of Ada-1 in Destiny 2

– She gives relevant bounties.

– She takes care of any conversion of resources which is important to do.

– She gives missions to the players which are essential to progress or unlock the system.

Now, let us quickly learn where to find Ada-1 in Destiny 2?

Where to Find Ada-1 in Destiny 2

You can find Ada-1 on the west side of the Bazaar. It is in the same location where it was in its previous seasons. If you want to get to her quickly, you need to swan at the Tower Annex.

Starting in the Annex landing zone, go up the stairs in front of them and a little forward in the brightly lit area, turn left side and proceed into the corridor that leads to Ada’s place. Here, you will find Ada-1. Once you get her, she will give you the quest which you need to complete to start using the Armor Synthesis System.

That is everything you need to know where to Find Ada-1 in Destiny 2. Do not miss to check out on our website for the latest guides, tips, and tricks on various games.

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