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Demon Names in Genshin Impact and Nahida’s Leaked Demon Name in Genshin Impact 3.1

Genshin Impact 3.1 Candace’s Kit Leaked

Archons have multiple titles in Genshin Impact. It’s expected since they have lived a long time- at least much more compared to normal mortals. But did you know they all have a Demon Name which connects them to demons from Hell and links them in one way or another to Lucifer? 

Archons and even some characters in Genshin Impact have names similar to or even the same as these demons and all of this is a reference to The Ars Goetia. In this article, we will discuss the lore behind these Demon Names and how they relate to the Archons we already know in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact and The Ars Goetia

The Ars Goetia is the hierarchy of royalty relating to Lucifer in war and the underworld command of Hell. Online sources also reveal that: 

The Ars Goetia, also known as the 72 Pillars or the Lemegeton is a group comprised of seventy-two demons with exemplary strength and their own legions. They are listed in the grimoire Lesser Key of Solomon.

The Archons of Genshin Impact and several other significant characters have names that relate them to these “72 Pillars” and thus connect them to their Demonic counterparts. These connections aren’t based on their Visions but instead on their character, abilities, lore and personality. One could reasonably assume that the Archon War thus involved 72 such powerful Gods and only 7 of them managed to survive and call themselves the Archons of Teyvat.

How the Archons Connect to Their Demon Names

The Travelers have yet only met 4 out of 7 Archons and we are still in the dark about much of Nahida’s background and lore. In the following list, we’ll mention each of the 4 Archons and their Demon Names and attempt to connect them to their character in the game.

Venti- The Anemo Archon of Mondstadt

Official Title: Lord Barbatos

Demon Name: Barbatos

God of Freedom

The demon Barbatos in the Ars Goetia can “tell both the past and the future and communicate with animals”. In Genshin Impact, Venti says he knows “every song from the past and future”. We’ve also seen him communicate with animals like the Wolf of the North and Dvalin. Additionally, the demon Barbatos has four kings as his companions to command his legions. In Genshin Impact, we know Venti entrusted the protection of Mondstadt to The Four Winds.

Zhongli- The Geo Archon of Liyue

Official Title: Rex Lapis (“The King of Stone”)

Demon Name: Morax

God of Contracts

The demon Morax is a Count of Hell and is knowledgeable in many things including astronomy, liberal sciences, herbs and more importantly stones. He has wise familiars too that are bestowed with his knowledge and virtues. In Genshin Impact, Zhongli is the Geo Archon and he’s extremely knowledgable about money, government, history and sciences too. Morax has also become the source and namesake of Teyvat’s currency: Mora.

Ei- The Electro Archon of Inazuma

Official Title: Raiden Shogun (“The Thunder General”)

Demon Name: Bael/Baal/Beelzebul

God of Eternity

Bael, the demon, is the first King of Hell with estates in the East. He also has 3 heads. In Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun rules over Inazuma, which is in the far east of Teyvat, like a dictator or “Shogun” (General). She also entrusts the protection and functioning of Inazuma to the Tri-Commission. Additionally, Ei can also be said to have “3 heads” considering how she’s ruled over Inazuma with her puppet clone and she’s already had a failed puppet escape her clutches who now goes by the name Scaramouche or the Wanderer.

Nahida- The Dendro Archon of Sumeru

Official Title: Lesser Lord Kusanali (“The Little Grass Lord”

Demon Name: Buer

God of Wisdom

A recent leak revealed that the God of Wisdom, or Nahida’s Demon Name is Buer. While we still don’t know much about this demon, we do know that the above dialogue was likely uttered by Scaramouche in the Archon Quests of Version 3.1.  There’s also a slim chance this was said by Dottore but for the most part, theorycrafters agree this is likely Scaramouche’s line. 

We’ll likely get to know more about Buer and Nahida once Version 3.1 finally drops on September 28th, 2022 and people actually play the Archon Quests to their completion. Theorycrafters too will release more info on Buer and his/her role in Hell once we get to know more about Nahida’s story in Version 3.1 and 3.2.

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