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Deer, Hare, and Rabbit Locations in New World

Deer Hare and Rabbit Locations in New World

In New World, players need to search and hunt different types of animals in their journey. Deer Hare is one type of animal in this game and that is a Rabbit which you will find and hunt at the beginning of the game. However, many players find it difficult to track them. If you’re also not able to find it, this guide is just perfect for you. Let’s learn where to find Deer Hare and Rabbit in New World.

Where to Find Deer, Hare, and Rabbit Locations in New World

As far as Rabbits are concerned, you will find a lot of them in Grenville on the West side of the settlement in the Windsward location. And for Deer Hare, we cannot show you the exact location of Deer Hare but probably, you can find it at beginning of every location and they keep moving around.    

To progress the game, you will need to keep shooting and peeling the wildlife until you will reach level 25 in the Tracking and Skinning trade skills. At this level, you will achieve the ability to track down small prey as well which includes Rabbits. And then, a small-sized rabbit icon will start showing on the top side of your screen whenever there is any Deer Hare seen nearby.

The same thing applies to almost every resource in the game such as plants, minerals, ores, animals, etc. The better you perform at the relevant trade skill, the more sort of resources you can track. So, do not worry about some of the common items such as flora, minerals, and higher-level enemies will be still available in some of the locations.

So, you will only want to know the rough locations where they spawn usually, and then a compass will help you to track them down.

That’s all for this guide on New World Game Rabbits Locations.

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