Dead By Daylight’s New Skill-Based Matchmaking is a Mess

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Behaviour Interactive – The developer of Dead By Daylight has once again reinstated Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in Dead by Daylight for one more testing round. This is something they did it already for the first time a few months back.

The test will be running for a couple of days and during this period, the players can experience higher ranks in the games.

However, they have announced on their official Tweeter handle is that there is an issue with the system and their team is working on it and so tests get rescheduled.

But recently they have Tweeted:

Here is what users think about the new SBMM system.

The dev has already declared on 9th August that the second test is enabled on live servers. If you are not aware of the SBMM, let us inform you that it is one sort of system generally used by several competitive games like Call of Duty in which they match players with rivals that have similar skills.

The main objective of SBMM is to make a game fairer for every player to play. This system allows players to play their way and they can play against those players that have similar skills.

The devs of this game defined that they are using a hidden skill rating rather than ranks to initiate decent and open-minded matches. However, this rating increases when a player plays well and it also decreases when the performance of the player reduces.

SBMM in Dead By Daylight will remain live on the server till 16th August. However, they can withdraw if they find any issues.

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