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Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Your Gun from Wilson | ‘The Gun’ Mission Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Get Your Gun from Wilson

When you start your mission in Night City aiming to get the implant of immortality, you won’t be armed and an early mission you will have to complete is to get a gun for yourself. Wilson, your trusted supplier and guide will help you throughout the story. To get your gun, you will need to him at the 2nd Amendment weapon shop in the mission called ‘The Gun.’ As you are just starting out with the game, you do not have much game cash to purchase weapons, so you will need the handout from Wilson. Stick around with this ‘The Gun’ mission walkthrough and we will show you how to get your gun from Wilson in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Get Your Gun from Wilson in Cyberpunk 2077 | ‘The Gun’ Guide

To get your gun from Wilson, you don’t have to do much. When you exit your apartment for the first time in the game after the lifepath into, you will pass through several stores as you head to meet Jackie. One of the shops in your building you will pass is the 2nd Amendment weapon shop. Wilson is the vendor of this shop. As you pass through the shop the owner of the shop – Wilson will call you and tell that your weapon is ready. At the same instance, you will get a notification of a mission update on your screen and it reads, “Collect your gun from Wilson.”

One this happens, walk into the shop and go to the counter. When prompted select, “Let’s see it.” Now, you will be able to see all the weapons in the shop with their price. One weapon, a pistol called the “Dying Night” has the zero dollar price listed. That’s you gun, take it and the mission will be complete.

If you are having difficulty finding Wilson, go to the building’ main floor when coming out from your apartment. But, if you are coming from outside and using the building’s elevator, Wilson is at the 7th floor named ‘Services.’ Wilson will be there in front of the elevator.

Your first weapon in the game, the Dying Night is a unique pistol with properties that you won’t find in standard weapons. It has better stats and damage than most weapons you will find early on in the game. And even though it might not be your first weapon, we suggest you get it the first thing when you start the game.

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