Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Get the Kongou Iconic Pistol

Cyberpunk 2077 has several iconic items that’s available for players to unlock. Unlike the regular weapons that you get from loot drops or off enemies, the iconic weapons have some speciality about them, which makes them highly sought. Kongou is an Iconic Pistol that players can unlock during the Heist mission. If you are not aware about the pistol, you may miss it. SO, stick around with this guide and we will show you how to get the Kongou Iconic Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Get the Kongou Iconic Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

In the entire game, you can only get the Kongou during the Heist mission. Although we are not a hundred percent certain that it’s the only mission with the weapon, but so far players who found the iconic weapon found it during Heist.

The Heist is the mission when Jackie and V together infiltrate Yorinabu’s penthouse suite. The pistol is on the bedside table of Yorinabu. You will recognize the weapon from another mission called The Information. At that time while you are investigating the penthouse the weapon is on the bench in front of the bed, but during the Heist, it’s on the bedside table or locker.

Ensure that you have picked the Kongou as it’s a powerful weapon with 1 mod slots and 2 attachments. Some of the unique features of the weapon is that it can use the ricochet technology even when the Cyberware is not present. It gives you a better rate of fire while reducing the recoil. The caveat is that it has a small magazine.

When you start the game, it’s a great weapon and one that you can rely on for most part. Headshots with the weapon are very powerful and will break the skull of any enemy you encounter. While you are completing the mission, do not miss out on the Kongou Iconic Pistol.        

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