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CoD Warzone & Vanguard On-Demand Texture Streaming and Film Grain – Should You Enable It?

CoD Vanguard On-Demand Texture Streaming - What is It

Hard-core gamers are familiar with most of the game settings and their effects. But, a new option in the graphics settings that emerged with Warzone and is available in Vanguard is On-Demand Texture Streaming. Before you ahead and choose to keep this setting on or off, you should know its impact on the game and the game’s performance with respect to your hardware. Film Grain is another setting that’s puzzling players. Keep reading and we will detail you about On-Demand Texture Streaming and Film Grain in Vanguard and Warzone.

CoD Warzone & Vanguard On-Demand Texture Streaming Option Explained

During the beta of Vanguard, On-Demand Texture Streaming caused a lot of problems for players with mid-range PCs. So, what is On-Demand Texture Streaming in Vanguard?

On-Demand Texture Streaming is a feature that was introduced with Warzone for players on PC in an attempt to trim the growing game size. With the feature enabled, the player would not have to download the HD texture pack, reducing the size of the game. Instead, the game downloaded the required HD textures as you play the game.

On-Demand Texture Streaming only comes into play when the users have set the Texture Quality to High. In such a scenario, the game will download and stream the HD texture as you play the game. You have the option to set the limit on download and storage. You can set the bandwidth and cache limit. When the game reaches those limits, it will delete the old cache files and download new ones. If the bandwidth threshold is reached, the game will stop downloading HD texture files.

So, the question players ask is should they enable the On-Demand Texture Streaming in Vanguard. The answer varies from one user to the other. If you have a high-end PC with plenty of storage space and super-fast internet, the ODTS is a very good feature to have.

However, if your PC crashes a lot when you play Vanguard, have limited storage space, or the internet speed barely meets the recommendation to play online games, we suggest that you disable the On-Demand Texture Streaming in both Vanguard and Warzone.

CoD Warzone & Vanguard Film Grain Option Explained

Another option in the settings menu that can have an impact on your game is the Film Grain. Film Grain is purely for the visual effect. With this setting enabled, the game looks prettier but has no positive effect on the gameplay. In fact, the targets will be clearer with this option disabled. Hence, if you are playing Vanguard or Warzone for competitive purposes, it’s best that you turn down this option to the lowest.

That’s it on this article, hope you know everything you came here for with respect to Warzone & Vanguard On-Demand Texture Streaming and Film Grain.     

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