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Fix COD Warzone Stats Not Counting

Can you Fix COD Warzone Wins Not Counting

Like most of the PFS (First Person Shooter) games, Call of Duty also tracks stats of the player that includes kill-death ratios, the numbers of wins, and many others. However, since last night, many players have noticed that their stats are not updating. And players have started reporting this issue on Twitter since last night, and complaining that their total numbers of wins and other numbers are not tracing or counting in the Stats. Some players have also reported that their Quad, Trios, and Duos matches are not tracking. Let’s find out here, what is this issue actually and can you fix COD Warzone stats Not Counting issue?

Fix Call of Duty Warzone Stats Not Counting issue

Unfortunately, you can’t fix if COD Warzone stats not counting. Since this issue is from the developer side, players can’t do anything to fix it. 

Many players believe that the tracking issue is actually intended because some matches are being treated currently as limited-time modes. 

Some players say that the developer of this game, Activision, is planning to reset the states of each and every player before launching Season 3. However, Activision has not yet confirmed this. Actually, Activision has not yet acknowledged the stats tracking issue. 

Hopefully, for now, we can assume that the stats are not counting in COD Warzone due to some bug or technical glitch and the issue will be resolved soon.

It is important to know that the COD Season 2 is in its final days currently as the COD Twitter account has already confirmed that the highly-awaited event will happen on 21st April 2021.

After this event, it is a rumor that the Verdansk map will be replaced by a 1980s themed map in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Let’s hope we will have some good news on the stats tracking problem before the starting of Season 3.

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