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COD: Warzone Season 5- How to Play Operation: Last Call

COD Warzone Season 5- How to Play Operation Last Call

If you have been playing COD: Warzone for a long time, you are aware that new seasons are a common feature of COD. Recently, a few days back, COD: Warzone Season 5 was launched, and probably it is the end of Warzone because Warzone 2 is ready to come next. However, Season 5 of Warzone has brought lots of new content, including a new event named, Operation: Last Call. This guide will give you details about COD: Warzone Season 5.

COD: Warzone Season 5 Operation: Last Call- Guide to Play

Operation: Last Call is a limited-time event where players can join a team of four. A maximum of 80 players can participate via 20 teams. Though the rules are pretty the same as other COD events, what makes this event different is that players can choose how they play in this event.

In this event, there are two sides to play- either Heroes or Villains. Fighting between these two sides is the central theme of this operation. If you choose to play as a villain, you have to set bombs in different locations and set a timer of 60 seconds before the bomb blasts. Alternatively, if you select to play in the teams of Heroes, you have to defuse or detonate the bomb within the 1 minute time set by the villains.

Though it seems easy, it is actually challenging. The location of the bombs will be scattered randomly throughout the map, and the most tricky part is to reach the location within time. Also, lava rocks roll down and frequently crash players during a match. Both Villains and Heroes are in danger when lava rock comes because it crashes them regardless of their team. Therefore, players need to avoid these lava rocks to plant or defuse bombs.

Finding bomb Defuse Kits is not tricky. They will be found randomly as ground loot as you complete Contracts. Alternatively, you can purchase them from Buy Stations. Finally, the team who plants or defuses 10 bombs faster will be the winner means if the Heroes defuse 10 bombs faster, they will win the game; similarly, if the Villains plant 10 bombs more quickly, they will win the match.

That’s all you need to know about how to play COD: Warzone Season 5 Operational: Last Call.

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