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CoD Warzone Lag and Stuttering Issue After Season 5 “Last Stand” Update – Devs Yet to Acknowledge

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In CoD Warzone and Vanguard, the new update Season 5, Legends Never Diet in Last Stand was released on August 24. Raven Software has also released a new patch with several new features and improvements along with new weapons, points of interest, and much more. But unhappily, it has also brought several bugs and errors.

Recently, many players are experiencing lagging and stuttering issues after the recent Warzone Season 5 Last Stand update.

According to multiple reports, players are complaining that they are not able to play and enjoy the game smoothly as the game is lagging and stuttering a lot after the new patch. And that doesn’t happen on a particular gaming platform but it happens on almost all devices.

However, the particular reasons for such problems are still unknown and players have already tried some basic workarounds but nothing helped.

Sadly, at the time of writing this post, neither developers nor publishers have confirmed this widespread issue. However, many players are reporting on the same issue so they will surely confirm the ongoing issue and resolve it soon.

Furthermore, we didn’t come across any methods to fix this issue temporarily. So, the only thing you can do is to wait until developers do something on their end to fix the lagging and stuttering issue in CoD Warzone.

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