COD – Warzone Kyubi Kitsune Skin not getting/showing up after purchasing Season 5 Battle Pass

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

COD Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass is out and so the players are prepared for loot in a new shipment. Several new features have been introduced in the Season 5 Battle Pass including an Operator Skin and Ultra-rarity Weapon. In addition, have a glimpse of a new Store Bundles which are also going to launch along with Season 5.

For those players who have already bought the Battle Pass Bundle within the first 2 weeks of Season 5, they have received a Bonus Kyubi Kitsune Skin.

However, players are reporting on various forums about a major issue in which Kyubi Kitsune Skin is not showing up or getting in COD Warzone.

According to the report by one of the players that players get the message that saying – “Buy the pass within X days and get this” and when you click on it, a page opened up where you need to select between 1000 and 2400 CP to purchase that skin and it is not mentioned anywhere that you have to buy more expensive to avail it – That is quite frustrating.

Also, one of the players has reported, and the same is also confirmed by Activision support – that a player doesn’t have any option to upgrade it later once you will purchase the regular skin. In addition, it is not possible to gift it to someone who has purchased the regular pass already. It becomes lock and says, you have already owned it.

Unfortunately, devs have not yet acknowledged this annoying issue. We hope they will do as early as possible and release its permanent solution in the upcoming update/patch.

Meanwhile, players have to enjoy the game with the regular skin for the popular Kitsune operator.

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