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COD Mobile Season 8: Release Date, New Weapons, More

COD Mobile Season 8: Release Date, New Weapons, More

COD Mobile Season 8 is shaping up to be an exciting season with all the futuristic content. The New Vision City season and the interesting battle pass have excited us all for what’s to come. Nevertheless, just after the new season’s release, we got some leaks about what’s coming in Season 8. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about these new leaks.

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COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date

With very little information about what will be coming with Season 8, the anticipated release date has firmly been as close to set as possible. This is because of the ending date for this season’s battle pass – it ends on Thursday, September 8th. 

There have been few delays for major updates of COD: Mobile in the past, so we are confident that September 9th will roll around before anything changes with Season 8.

COD Mobile Season 8 New Weapons

Two new weapons are coming out for Call of Duty Mobile: Season 8. One is called Krig 6, an Assault Rifle, and the other is called ZRG 20mm, a Sniper Rifle. But there’s also another weapon that people might not expect to be called the Butterfly Knife.

COD Mobile Season 8 New Express Map

As the new season begins, players can expect to see a brand new multiplayer map called Express. This map is inspired by the COD Black Ops II and will provide an intense and exciting experience for all.


Following are some more additions to the game:

  • The players will also find a new lethal grenade called C4. 
  • A new class named Igniter, who plays just like it sounds, will also appear in Battle Royale. 
  • Type-25s and Swordfish weapons may come back for the next season of both PVP and PVE modes of gameplay.
  • Also, a Legendary Character whose name we do not know yet.

The New Season is set to release this September soon. Stay tuned for updates! Follow us if you want more information about the game.

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