COD Mobile Season 6 – New Maps, Modes, Weapons, and Bug Fixes

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

COD Mobile Season 6 – The Heat is now here and as committed by the Activision publisher, this new update brings in several new changes such as AK-117 & DR-H, Melee Weapons, Nerfs on Therrnite, many different multiplayer maps, etc. Along with this, also a completely new Battle Pass is released. It is life and players can enjoy this incredible game on all of the Call of Duty mobile servers. Here we have gathered all the details of the weapons, modes, and maps. Let’s check them out:

COD Mobile Season 6 is released – A Complete Update

Check out all the following all-new features. 

New Maps

1. Slums:

– New small-sized map that features buildings, streets, alleys, and parks. Now experience a wide range of combat modes (From Sniper Duels to Street Battles)

– Available modes: Domination, Hardpoint, 10 Vs. 10 Domination, Search and Destroy, TDM, and 10 Vs. 10 TDM

2. Stack:

– Now fighters have to be very careful of enemies and they have to protect themselves under bunkers

– Available modes: Duel and Gunfight Modes

New Mode

1. Face-Off:

– 3 Vs. 3 intense fights on a compact map

– Available modes: Domination, TDM, Capture the Flag modes

– Maps included: King, Pine, Cage, Stack, Reclaim

New Vehicle (Muscle Car)

Muscle Car is launched in this new version which is a very powerful two-seater car for the fiery ride.

New Weapons:

1. DR-H:

– 25 Round of OTM Mag: Reduced ADS time

– 30 Round of OTM Mag: Increased movements and ADS movement speed

2. AK117:

– OWC Marks man: Reduced horizontal and vertical recoil

– YKM Integral Suppressor: Reduced ADS time

– MIP Extended Light Barrel: Reduced ADS time

– 40 Rounds of Extended Mag: Reduced reload time and increased movement speed

– 48 Rounds of Extended Mag: Reduced reload time and increased movement speed

3. MK2:

– Increased head part damage multiplier

Bugs Fixed:

– Fixed bugs: Players can now use the one-click to ADS function and fire continuously.

– Tree in Pine unusual collision is fixed

– Unusual display of Fountain in Standoff is also fixed

– Oil drum was missing in a Sudal Harbor’s corner is fixed 

 That’s all – This game is live now and you can go to any of the COD mobile servers, get it updated, and enjoy all of the above new features.

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