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COD Black Ops Cold War ‘The lobby is not joinable’ Error

Fix Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 'The lobby is not joinable' Error

We have all waited for the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise for quite a long time. After all the rumors, we finally have the alpha beta of Black Ops Cold War. Although, there is quite a lot of game elements that could change, it’s a great time for eager fans to get a feel of the game. As it’s with most beta games, you can expect bugs, errors, and glitches that would hopefully be addressed when the game releases in November. In this post, we will help you address and find a workaround for two of the most common issues currently reported with the game – the COD Black Ops Cold War ‘The lobby is not joinable’ and ‘Can’t play with friends’ Error.

Fix COD Black Ops Cold War ‘The lobby is not joinable’

The COD Black Ops Cold War ‘The lobby is not joinable’ error message appears when you try to join an online game. Although the developers have acknowledged the issue on Twitter, the tweet wasn’t of much help. Here is what the Tweet read, “We don’t have a confirmed fix or update on the “This lobby is not joinable” issue yet. We’ll update when Treyarch provides more information!”

While that’s a disappointment, problems like these were expected and is occurring probably due to a problem with the matchmaking. Either due to a large number of players jumping to play the game or due to lack for match. Whatever the reason, hope Treyarch fixes it soon.

One fix you can try to address the issue is to run the other mode of the game, probably try Combined Arms.

As we know more about the error and it’s cause we will update this post.      

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