Cloud Chamber’s Job Listing Reconfirms Bioshock 4 To Be An Open World FPS

Cloud Chamber's Job Listing Reconfirms Bioshock 4 to be An An Open World FPS

Cloud Chamber, the developer of the latest Bioshock title is looking to fill several positions in its in-house team for Bioshock 4. Among the openings, is the slot for a world designer, a role-specific to open-world games.

With so little revealed about Bioshock 4, there have been rumors of the game being an open-world FPS and the current job opening seems to suggest the same. Besides a world designer, other open positions include an author and a technical designer.

Bioshock 4 is still very much in development and quite far from an actual release, but from news and leaks, the game appears to be very promising with a strong character-driven story. The official unveiling of the game is not confirmed yet, but the initial reports seem very promising.  

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