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Redhorn Stonethresher Revealed in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact fans can brace themselves as an official announcement has been…

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MG42’s Recoil is making the Machine Gun Unusable in Warzone

The MG42 ground loot’s uncontrollable recoil has made players extremely unhappy. Gamers…

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Console Players Ranting for FOV Slider Continues in Warzone

Console players have been waiting for game developers to respond to one…

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Halo Infinite ‘User is Banned’ Error – Players are Getting Banned for Game Crashing

In an unexpected but rumored move, 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios…

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Battlefield 2042 Servers are Down Now

Servers going down can always be frustrating when you want to get…

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Fix for Vanguard Bomb Defuse Bug Scheduled for this Week

The Search and Destroy mode in Vanguard has a pretty serious bug…

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