Can you Transfer Warzone Double XP Token to Modern Warfare 2

Geetasri Roy
Geetasri Roy

In Modern Warfare 2, players try to uplift their rank very quickly. Speeding through the ranks has been the main priority of the players since the game’s launch. Players need to work with 55 levels to make their way through and unlock loads of content. Players are looking for ways to speed up the process to make the journey easier. Double XP tokens are one of the best ways to speed up your level. These tokens last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It allows the players to double up their XP during that time. XP tokens are divided between character XP and weapon XP. Any of these tokens will allow you to increase your Modern Warfare 2 progress. The promotion of Little Caesars and Mountain Dew offers players to earn extra tokens. But many players wonder if the Warzone Double XP token can be carried to Modern Warfare 2. You will get the answer right here.

Can You Carry Your Warzone Double XP Token to Modern Warfare 2?

If you have collected multiple Double XP Tokens in Warzone and are anxious about them, it is natural that you want to carry them to Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Though it is indeed sad news to the players, it is a fact. Your Warzone Double XP Tokens can’t be carried to Modern Warfare 2. Well, though you can’t carry your tokens, you can earn tons of Double XP Tokens in Modern Warfare 2 by participating in Promotions, playing the Campaign, or purchasing the Vault Edition. The last option is the easiest one that needs no effort. If you are a hardcore fan of Double XP Tokens, you can go for the third option; otherwise, the other two options are more convenient. 

For Warzone 2.0, it has yet to be declared whether you can carry your Modern Warfare 2 tokens over there or not. But both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 will share the same battle pass. So, there’s a chance that you can carry your MW2 tokens to Warzone 2.0. As Double XP tokens from the original Warzone will not work in Modern Warfare 2, it is expected that both these games will share a Double XP token collection. Also, these two games will share the same Battle Pass, and players can redeem their rewards in both games. 

If you want to stockpile the Double XP tokens to make your journey more accessible in the game, then there are a few methods that you can go with. Completing the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will allow players 3 hours of Double XP and 3 hours of Double Weapon XP. Also, Burger King, Little Caesars, and Mountain Dew have partnered with Call of Duty. These brands provide promotions that give Double XP to the players. You can check for the promotions in your area to avail yourself of the XP rewards. Lastly, the Vault Edition will provide 10 hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens. Players who will purchase the Vault Edition through Cold War, Modern Warfare in-game stores, Warzone, and Vanguard will get extended offers. 

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