Can You Fix Xbox Series X|S BBC iPlayer Not Launching Or Installing

Finally, the curtains are down on all the suspense that surrounded the next gen Xbox and thousands of players have their hands on the new console. But, given the recent launch not many developers have been able to perfect their application for the new console including EA Play and the recent BCC iPlayer. Users of console are complaining they are unable to launch or install BBC iPlayer on Xbox Series X|S. If you are facing a similar problem where the Xbox Series X|S BBC iPlayer not launching or installing, you have come to the right place. We will share everything about the problem and the possible workaround.

Can You Fix Xbox Series X|S BBC iPlayer Not Launching Or Installing

BBC iPlayer is an online on-demand and catch-up service from BBC.  Users who are subscribed to the service might be wondering why all the streaming platform are available on the console besides BBC iPlayer. Users are unable to download, install, or launch the service on their new Xbox. The problem seems to be impacting both Xbox Series X|S users for now, but this is not a bug as you might assume.

Currently, the Xbox Series X|S does not have BBC iPlayer, but Microsoft has ensured that in an upcoming update the service will become available and users would be able to download, install and enjoy their favorite shows using the new next gen consoles.

As the problem is from the Microsoft end, there is no workaround that can get you to install the streaming service at this time. But, you can expect an update sooner than later that would provide you access.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and has listed it as one of the problems with the console and is working on a solution. Here is what they had to say about the possible workaround for the problem, “There is no workaround at this time but we are working with our app partners to resolve this. At this time, the BBC iPlayer app will only work on an Xbox One generation device.”

Fortunately, the console has all the other streaming apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Twitch, Sky, Now TV and more. We hope it won’t be long before you can again have access to BBI iPlayer after the issue is fixed.      

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