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Can You Fix Xbox Series X & S EA Play App Not Working

Can You Fix Xbox Series X & S EA Play App Not Working

The next gen consoles from Microsoft is out for players to purchase, but early players who got the Xbox Series X and S are complaining of a range of problems. Recently, players who installed Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One discovered the console overheated to a point where it crashed, since then the developers have fixed the issue, but there are still several problem with specific apps not working such as the EA Play app not working.

Problem like these are expected as developers of different games and apps adopt to the new console and should be cleared in the coming days. But, if the console is preventing you from enjoying your favorite game, a fix is needed. Keep scrolling to know if you can fix Xbox Series X/S EA Play not working.

Can You Fix Xbox Series X & S EA Play App Not Working

Few months back Microsoft releveled the inclusion of EA Play games in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition. However, for subscribers on the next gen Xbox console the bad news is a bug is preventing them from getting the EA Play app to work. The problem is not with downloading and installing the app, but when you try to launch the application it simply does not budge. At the moment there is not solution to the problem, but the good news is the developers at Microsoft are aware of the issue.

So, it won’t be long before the issue is fixed. Here is a screenshot of what they have listed about the error on their website.

EA Play Not Working

However, even with the Xbox Series X & S EA Play App not working, you can still play the games on EA Play catalogue as they are currently free without the need of using the dedicated app.

As mentioned in the official website, you can still play popular games with free trial by simply going to the Store.

In order to access the full games in EA Play subscription, you can get them from My Games & Apps > Full Library > EA Play.

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