Can You Fix Xbox Live Friends List Not Showing or Working Issue

Fix Xbox You Need To Be Online Error

The Xbox Console is the most versatile console. One of the best things about this console is that it has a great ability to find friends online to play games. If you have friends on your list, Xbox lets you find your friends online quickly so that you can get set for your gaming adventure.

But unfortunately, quite recently, numerous players notice their friends’ list is empty. Many frustrated users reported this issue on various forums on the internet. 

Users are wondering, can they fix the Xbox Live friends list not working or showing an issue? If you are also struggling to find out how to show your friends list on Xbox Live, then you should not miss checking out this guide.

What is the Issue in Xbox Live Friends List?

Xbox Live is a fan-favorite social place where players get together with their closest friends and enjoy their online video games. But in the last few hours, players are not able to see their friends on the Xbox Live friends list.

In some cases, the list shows only 1 person and other friends are not loading in the list which is quite annoying. Earlier this issue was affecting only the Xbox consoles but now the same glitch has spread to the Xbox applications as well. And players have no idea how to get rid of this issue.

Unfortunately, since it is a server-side issue, right now you can’t do anything except wait until the issue will be resolved by the Xbox team.

Thankfully, the Microsoft support team has acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page and so we hope this issue will get resolved as soon as possible so that the users can enjoy their matches with their friends.

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