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Can you Fix Marvel’s Avengers ‘House Call’ Glitch

Can you Fix Marvel’s Avengers ‘House Call’ Glitch

Those who just jumped into the game will encounter a mission early on called the ‘House Call.’ The mission features Kamala Khan and requires you to lower a drawbridge. However, the bug is that the bridge does not respond the way it’s supposed to. Although the bug does not trigger for everyone, players who encounter it will be unable to complete or proceed further with the mission. If you want to know how to fix the Marvel’s Avengers ‘House Call’ glitch read further.

How to Fix “House Call” Bugged Mission Glitch

The good news is the developers at Crystal Dynamics are aware of the ‘House Call’ mission glitch. In their own words, they said, “actively working towards a fix.So rest assured, you should be on the lookout for a patch releasing soon that will address this particular issue as well as other such as the fabrication machine bug, matchmaking errors, achievements not showing and others.

While you are waiting, we have a temporary solution that can help lower the drawbridge and get to through the mission. Using the Backup Save in the Settings, go back to a point in the game before the bug appeared.

This is a fix recommended by the developers. In a recent patch, the game brought the Backup Save functionality to the game. It allows you to go back in the game before the bug appeared and play again. Hopefully, the bug does not appear this time around. If it does, Crustal Dynamics recommends that you get in touch with the Square Enix Support.

However, make sure that you have in fact encountered the bug and know how to lower the drawbridge. As Kamala, you need to jump through the game and after she says “Made it!” Draw the red devices located at both ends of the bridge cables. Once you have done that, using the console restore the power. Once you have restored the power to the bridge, it should automatically start lowering. If it does not, then you have the bug.

That’s all we have in this guide, make sure to check other guides for more tips and bug fixes in Marvel’s Avengers.       

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