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Can you Fix Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine Glitch

Can you Fix Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine Glitch

The fabrication machine in Avengers lets you make cosmetics with patterns you obtain from enemies and crates. Patters are not that easy to come by in the game as they are random drop and there is no specific way to obtain them. But, players are reporting of a glitch with the fabrication machine and it’s eating the patters you feed it without giving you the reward or the costume. Stick around and we will share what you can do about the Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine glitch.

Quite a lot of players have reported the bug on Reddit’s Megathread for reporting bugs and errors. So much so that the developers are aware of the issue and working on a solutions. Read further to know what the developers suggest.

Can you Fix Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine Glitch

In verbatim, this is what the developers said about the Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine glitch, “actively working towards a fix.” So, there should be patch releasing soon that addresses the bug with a range of other solutions to improve the experience and eliminate a variety of other known bugs with Marvel’s Avengers. Therefore, if you have some patterns, don’t use them yet until the developers have confirmed the issue to be fixed or after you have installed the upcoming patch for the game.

As the outfits don’t affect your gameplay, you can store it for later use and continue playing the game as usual. Simply, collect as many patterns as possible and when the fabricator machine is fixed, you can use them to generate your desired pattern.

While most players have been complaining of no reward from the fabricator, there is other known issues with the fabricator machine, where you do not get any notification about the reward. In such a case, check your inventory after restarting the game and the reward might be there. If the reward does not match your expectation or if you get the wrong reward, that is also something that seems to be happening with players.

Therefore, it’s best that you avoid using the fabricator machine for now until all known issues are fixed. Rest assured, the developers are hard at work to fix everything and make your experience great.

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