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Can You Fix Apex Legends Crashing with CE-108255-1, Stuttering, Sluggish on PS5

Can You Fix Apex Legends Crashing, Stuttering, and Sluggish Feel on PS5

Ever since the release of PS5, it’s been having issues with a lot of games that upgraded from PS4 to PS5 and even games that’s were pre-optimized for PS5, this includes games such as Black Ops Cold War, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Watch Dogs Legion. It seems Apex Legends is the latest game to join of club of buggy games on PS5. Users have reported Apex Legends crashes on PS5 with error code CE-108255-1. Other face problems such as Apex Legends stuttering and sluggish on PS5. So, the ultimate question, is there a fix you can implement on your end or do you have to wait for a patch from the developers. Stick around and we will answer the question.

Can You Fix Apex Legends Crashing with CE-108255-1, Stuttering, and Sluggish Feel on PS5

For users who have encountered the Apex Legends Error CE-108255-1 and the game crashes, this is a known issue with PS5, but may not be a fault of the console. It could be poor optimization of the game. However, we do not know the exact cause. Fortunately, we know how to fix the error. Follow the below steps to fix the Apex Legends PS5 crash with error CE-108255-1.

Steps to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-108255-1

  1. First, Delete the game with problem from your PS5 and reinstall it.
  2. Now, launch the console in Safe Mode (to launch in safe mode, press the power button to power off the console, hold the power button again till you hear the second beep, connect the controller)
  3. Once the PS5 has started in Safe Mode, select “5. Rebuild Database”.

Are you still seeing the error? Then, proceed to the next step.

  • Reset the PS5. Follow this path to reset the device – Settings > System > System Software > Reset PS5. Now, attempt to reinstall the game (Note: take a backup of your saved files)

Fix Apex Legends Stuttering, Lag, and Sluggish Feel on PS5

If Apex Legends is stuttering, lagging with crazy pings, the first thing you must check is are you streaming to twitch or any other platform. If the answer is yes, that may be the problem. A lot of users on various forums have reported that streaming the game on Twitch leads to Apex legends stuttering and lag.

If that’s not the problem in your case, there is always a chance that the fault may lie with your connection. Ensure that your internet connection is solid and ideal for playing online games. Power cycle the router and the console before playing the game. If possible, play the game using the Ethernet.

Another cause of the problem can be high traffic to the servers that’s causing the glitch. In such a case, attempt to play the game after peak hours and see if that makes a difference. If it does, please comment and let us know.

If you are playing on a TV and it has a game mode, ensure that the mode is enabled. Some users were able to fix the stutter and lag by enabling the Game Mode on their TV. Also, if you have changed the settings of the game, revert it to the Game Default if you have Performance Mode or Resolution Mode.

That’s all we have in this guide. We will update the post when we know more on the issue. Meanwhile, if you find a solution, let us know in the comments. Hope the Apex Legends crashing with CE-108255-1, stuttering, sluggish on PS5 is relieved.

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