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Sons of the Forest is the latest survival horror game and the sequel to the 2014 game The Forest. The game is currently available in early access and has earned massive popularity worldwide. However, players love to experience the gameplay with their squad in multiplayer games. It enhances the fun. So, they frequently look for Dedicated Servers in Sons of the Forest. This guide will help you know whether you can get a Dedicated Server in Sons of the Forest.

How to Host Dedicated Servers in Sons of the Forest?

The Forest was a 2014 game that earned huge popularity, and after 9 years of the game, the sequel was finally released on 23rd February 2023. However, Sons of the Forest is not yet a complete product; it is in its early access. There will be changes when the final product comes. Since the early access begins, players have jumped into the game to experience the scary survival world of mutants and cannibals.

Generally, when multiplayer games come, players love to experience the game with their squad. Playing with friends will make the game more enjoyable, and when it comes to a survival horror game like Sons of the Forest, players are eager to play it with friends. So, looking for a dedicated server is nothing surprising.

Unfortunately, the game currently has no Dedicated Server option, which means players can’t host their servers. You can go for the multiplayer game option, but hosting your server is impossible, at least for now. Also, the developers haven’t said whether the dedicated server feature should be introduced or not. So, the probability is 50-50.

However, when the dedicated server launched to The Forest, it was in the Tools section. So, in the case of The Sons of the Forest, players can follow the below steps to check whether the feature is added-

  • Open Steam Library
  • Go to Homes (ensure it has ‘Game’ selected)
  • Select Tools
  • Type Sons of the Forest in the search bar to see if it shows the Dedicated Server

That’s all you need to know about whether you can host a server in the Sons of the Forest. We hope the developers will add the dedicated server to the game, but the developers never say they have such plans.

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