Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Know About Project Aurora

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Call of Duty Mobile has been around for a long and is really popular. It even has competitions and international championships. It’s no surprise that Activision wants to bring their massive Battle Royale hit Warzone to smartphones.

Warzone was an instant hit not just with Call of Duty players, but also with the larger gaming world. Two years later, it’s become a hugely significant chapter in the genre, and the developers marked the occasion by introducing Warzone’s mobile experience.

Here’s all we know about Warzone Mobile thus far.

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What is Project Aurora?

While no official gameplay information has been shared as of yet, an Activision blog post published on May 11 offered our first peek at concept art as well as the internal codename.

Warzone Mobile’s current working title is Project Aurora, but don’t anticipate it to be the final name. As the release date approaches, we may expect a final title that combines the hugely popular Warzone trademark.

What is the Release Date of Warzone Mobile?

Warzone Mobile has been spoken about for months before its actual release. Job postings indicated a new mobile experience in Call of Duty, but the announcement was postponed until March 11, Warzone’s two-year anniversary.

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced. Warzone 2 is already scheduled for release in 2023, so it’s plausible that Warzone Mobile will be released with it, but this is completely speculative.

Is There A Closed Alpha For Project Aurora?

According to the May 11 blog post, the first Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha tests are currently underway. Though the purpose of this testing phase is to “enhance tuning, stress test matches, discover and repair issues, as well as collect feedback and insights on all elements of the game as new features, come online.”

As a result, it’s unknown when the portable Battle Royale will be released. Given its slow distribution, there’s a potential we’ll be able to access an early Beta phase ahead of a complete launch later on.

Will Warzone be available on Call of Duty Mobile?

CoD Mobile already has its own battle royale mode, and the game itself is quite popular. While it is still early days, all discussions regarding Warzone Mobile have led to the project being a distinct release from the CoD Mobile application.

As a result, it’s uncertain what will happen to the existing CoD Mobile Battle Royale. It might coexist with Warzone Mobile, or it could be dropped totally when Warzone Mobile takes centre stage. We’ll have to wait and see what Activision has in store for us.

Will there be Cross-Play in Warzone Mobile?

With development currently being kept under wraps and little information available about the impending release, it’s hard to say whether Warzone’s mobile experience will support cross-platform play.

It stands to reason that the mobile game will be the same as the main release, therefore we may anticipate Warzone Mobile to support cross-platform play with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, though this cannot be guaranteed.

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