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Call of Duty Vanguard Server Snapshot Error

Can you Fix Vanguard Server Snapshot Error

Original Post 06 Nov – With any online game, disconnects and errors during the launch week are common. Vanguard also has a lot of issues that players have to struggle with. One of them is the Vanguard Server Snapshot error. The error is more frustrating than some others because it disrupts your play and can spoil a good run. If you encounter the error, the game will abruptly stop with the Notice – Server Snapshot Error. For users who encounter the error, it happens in almost every match making continuing with the game impossible. A simple reboot of the game will allow you to relaunch, but to no avail, in most cases, as the error reappears randomly and again. Continue reading as we find out if there is any solution for the server snapshot error in Vanguard.

The Call of Duty Server Snapshot Error occurs on all devices – PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, there is no fix for the issue at the time of writing this post. The error seems to occur mostly when players are doing well in the game and on Domination. It also appears when using certain in-game features like calling Kill Steak or Blitz Pacing on big maps. It occurs mostly when you are doing well or getting multiple kills in quick succession such as using the killstreak. It’s possible that the anti-cheat falsely detects the great gameplay as cheating and kicks the player out. Well, that’s one of the theories. But, nothing can be said for certain until the devs talk about the error.

While interacting with certain game elements does trigger the error more often, we cannot draw a definite cause due to lack of cause and effect scenario. The error only seemed to impact a small population at the time of writing this post on the 6th of Nov but has escalated since then. Now, it’s impacting a large number of players.  

We are yet to have an acknowledgment of the Vanguard Server Snapshot Error or a range of other errors by the devs. We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post. It seems like the error is most likely due to a problem with the servers or the anti-cheat than anything else. But, due to lack of information, we can only speculate.    

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  1. I get this Server Snapshot Error all the time too. Mostly if I’m having a decent game. Last time I had a whopping 3 kills and had been killed about 9 or so. I doubt the anti-cheat is thinking I cheating with stats like that. I agree it’s got to be a server error on their part. Yes, it’s a brand new and dynamic game, but the Devs could at least acknowledge there’s an issue and let us know it’s being looked into. In one game I had gotten my “Finishing Moves” kill…that was lost I had 4/5 games with a Clan Member…gone too. Oh well Thanks for the post

  2. Shocking, can hardly get a game. Pure muck

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