Biomutant – Who to Choose To Take On Ark

Deciding who to take along on the Ark in Biomutant is a very important part as players have a few choices. When you reach a certain point of the game, Out-Of-Date will inform you about an Ark which you can use in the worst situation. The Ark is a ship ready to carry you all away from the world. He will ask you to invite 4 people to the Ark (kind of like Noah’s Ark). Let us find out here who to choose to take on Ark in Biomutant.

Who to Choose to Take on Ark in Biomutant

When you are asked to take 4 characters to take you with, many characters in Biomutant can be invited to join you on Ark. You need to take into account two important factors: 

1. Primarily, some of the characters can only be joined if your alignment matches. For instance, a light-aligned character will not accept a dark-aligned character.

2. Secondly, once selected, you cannot withdraw them. You need to invite most of the characters immediately after completing a quest. Once the dialog box pops out, you can’t take them back. If you’ll say ‘No’, you cannot invite them again. So, the best idea is to create save files before interacting with characters so you will not waste a slot.

Thus, select your characters wisely as it will influence the end game of Biomutant. Eventually, it doesn’t make any huge difference in your choice of who to take on Ark in Biomutant.

At the end of the game, there will be a cut-scene that shows all of the characters you have taken with you on Ark. The characters are shown themselves as they climb aboard the Ark. That is the only change outside of your Aura decisions. If you played with Light Aura throughout the game, and you have invited Light characters, it will also influence the ending.

That’s it for this guide on Who to Choose to Take on Ark in Biomutant.

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