Biomutant – Which Breed Should You Choose

Biomutant offers six different breeds for players to choose from. The choice you make greatly affects the gameplay. The breed you choose determines the appearance as well as the strength and weakness of the character. Once you have chosen the breed, you can further modify the genetic structure depending on the skill you prefer during battle. The six breed options that Biomutant offers are Primal, Dumdon, Rex, Hyla, Fip, and Murgel. The choice you make will greatly affect the gameplay. Hence, players are wondering which breed to choose in Biomutant. Stick with the post and we will briefly analyze each breed and help you decide.

Which Breed to Choose in Biomutant – Best Beginner Breed

While there is certain choice in the ability or mutation that you can make while creating the character, the protagonist further mutates as the game progresses. Here are all the six characters with their unique traits.


Primal is a breed you would want to choose if you want the character with quickness and agility. Another attribute of the Primal breed is the ability to utilize ranged weapons. While this breed offers agility, it comes at the cost of intellect. The breed has a lesser developed intellect than other breeds. Primal breed offers the best Critical Chance which stands under the Luck attribute. Once you have chosen the breed, you need to select the class next. The Primal breed combines best with the Dead-Eye and Saboteur class due to the stealth ability of the breed and class. But, if you were to choose one, Primal should be chosen with Dead-Eye. While this class can severe well in certain situation, overall, it’s not a class that we suggest due to its moderate health and ability.   


If you are someone that enjoys melee combat, the Dumdon class is the best due to its built. Aside from the style of fight difference, there isn’t a lot of variation between the Primal and the Dumdon class, particularly when it comes to the health and energy regen. Dumdon has a low energy regen and health. When we talk of class, the Saboteur and the Sentinel classes are the best for this breed. Melee combat is the specialty of this class.    


The Rex is one of the best class and you should start with it. It’s a balance of everything from energy regen, Ki Energy, power, and health. The caveats of this class is it’s weakness in melee combat, but there is a way to compensate for that using the weapons customizations. Once you have chosen this class you can further develop it in the game by pairing with any class. The great thing about Rex is it goes well with most classes. It’s the perfect breed as you start the game and don’t know what to choose.  


The bulky physique is a great match to the ability of this breed. It has a high Armor and Health. However, the highlight of the breed comes at the cost of low Ki Energy and Power. While this is a great class that can take a huge amount of damage, it’s certainly not the best breed. You would want to choose this breed if you are novice and you know you would take a lot of damage. The classes that best matches the Hyla breed are Sentinel and Commando. For a defensive gameplay, the Hyla breed can serve well.   


While the Hyla breed is great with physical weapons, the Fip offers better psionic powers. This class also offers the best power levels, energy regen, and Ki Energy compared to any other breed in Biomutant. Besides the Rex breed, this is another great option for players to choose. Fip is a balanced class with a moderate health and armor. While most things about this class is great it lack in melee damage. The best class of the Fip breed is Psi-Freak.  


We finally have the Murgel breed which is probably the safest option for players who do not know what skills would serve them best. It’s is an above average combo of every stat, nothing too great, but nothing that bad either. Two highlighting aspect of the breed are trading and the ability to find loot. Which means, you have the ability to get the best loot from talking to NPCs or just loot in the world.

So, these are the various breeds and while each has its own traits, some breeds clearly standouts such as the Rex and Fip. So, if you are wondering which breed you should start with Biomutant, the top choices are Rex and Fip.

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