Biomutant – Where to Find Koko Pips & Other Pips

Koko Pips are one of the valuable and rare collectible items in the Biomutant game. It is very important to find and collect these items as they are used to unlock one most significant features in the game. Koko Pips are consumable items and they are used to tame Mounts. In Biomutant, there are several mounts. Mounts like Giant Mech Suit are an incredible aid in the battle and some of them allow you to unlock areas. Since Koko Pips are one of the consumable items, once used, you can’t use them again. So, you will need more Koko Pips if you want to tame more animals. Following is the complete guide on where to find Koko Pips and other Pips.

Where to Find Koko Pips and Other Pips in Biomutant

Here are the details of the location where you can find Koko Pip and other Pips.

Koko Pip: 

There is a very small water body on the map where you will find 3 Koko Pips.

Pirro Pips:

There are mainly 3 locations where you will find Pirro Pips.

1. There is an encampment and you will find the Pirro Pips right next to the main tent.

2. Also, you will find some Pirro Pips near some other animals.

3. The last one can be found on the side of the road that leads to the fort.

Beet Pips:

Beet Pips can be found just down the road from the gas station, you will get in a bush.

Peel Pips:

Peel Pips can be found hiding in a bush on the side of the road next to the bridge.

Pine Pips:

Check out the Pine Pip bush near the broken road bridge.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Koko Pips & Other Pips in Biomutant. 

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