Biomutant Up-Cycling Side Quest Walkthrough Guide

Biomutant Up-Cycling Side Quest Walkthrough Guide

The Up-Cycling side quest in Biomutant comes when you trigger a memory sequence in the Childhood Village. You will come across Gizmo, an NPC with a large helmet who would request tasks you need to complete for a project he’s working on. When you accept, the Up-Cycling side quest will start. There isn’t anything complicated about the request and it’s fairly easy once you know what to do. Here is the Biomutant Up-Cycling side quest walkthrough guide.

Biomutant Up-Cycling Side Quest Guide

As the side quest starts, you would be required to search the junk piles that are behind Gizmo. The piles you need to search have glowing light coming off of them, so you won’t have difficulty locating the place you need to search.

Go to each of the scrap pile one by one and interact with the light. Press the search button when prompted. After completing the search of the three piles, go back to the NPC and speak with him. It does not matter what response you choose, so select whatever you want.

Once the conversation is done, the NPC will teach you about Up-Cycling. Up-Cycling is a term in Biomutant that basically means crafting. The objective of this side quest is to teach you how to create new weapons in Biomutant. Follow the on-screen prompts and create a new weapon form the scrap you collected. After you have created a new weapon, the side quest will be completed.

So, that’s how you complete the Up-Cycling side quest in Biomutant. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.        

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