Biomutant – Should you Choose Dark or Light Side

In Biomutant, players need to choose an Aura: Dark Side or Light Side. It is much like the morality system in Mass Effect. This Aura plays an important role in various things like actions, dialogue choice, etc. However, the actual end of the game will be different as Aura is dependent on the actions you perform while playing the game.

So, here is a quick guide on should you choose the Dark or Light side in Biomutant?

Should you Choose the Dark or Light Side in Biomutant?

Dark or Light sides are nothing but your Aura. If your action styles are more aggressive and you want to play the game your way, your Dark Aura will be increased.

And on the other hand, if you don’t want to play aggressively and want to help everyone, then the Light Aura will be increased instead. Both of these Auras change many things in the game.

In Biomutant, several things affect either side. Following are some of the main things to point out:

– Choosing the Light or Dark sides will give you particular points on each side.

– Light Tribes tend to guide you in ‘good’ events and situations, while Dark Tribes are the opposite.

– Pick up small animals from the wild or pet them or kill them.

– If you have the option, do you want to harm or not.

These are some of the main points, several events will come in the gameplay where choosing your Dark or Light side will affect you.

At the last, we must add that, everything can be changed. If your main goal leads to the Dark Side, you will get numerous chances where you can change that also. So, don’t think that you are locked particularly to one side. You can change your mind at any time in the game and you will have ample chances to do that, so don’t bother about anything and you just enjoy the game as you see it appropriate.

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