Biomutant – How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons

At first, Biomutant is going to release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This game offers many great experiences in a single game. One of the best systems in Biomutant is its crafting system that allows players to upgrade their Armor and Weapons. Every gear is made of a particular material with a certain quality. One of the main benefits to upgrade your armour and weapons is to increase your stats. So, without any further ado, let’s find out how to upgrade Armor and Weapons in Biomutant.

How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons in Biomutant

In order to upgrade Armor and Weapons in Biomutant, you will find several places as you progress in the game. Those places like small villages and towns which have their community inside.

When you visit these places, you will find some floating balloons right above which are usually found around the middle of the area. You need to climb up on the balloons using a rope which you will see right below the balloons.

On the top of the balloons, you will see two upgrade workbenches. Out of those two, one will be for weapons and one will be for your clothes. Select any you want to use and after that, you will be up to upgrade any item you wish.

Upgrading Process in Biomutant

Actually, upgrading part is quite easy. However, it needs a lot of resources. In order to upgrade any particular gear, simply select it from the list, you can pick any of the two options like Quality or Material and click on it to confirm. Make sure to have the essential crafting materials to complete the process successfully.

It is advisable not to upgrade your Armor or Weapons until you reach mid of the game because brand-new gear won’t take as many resources as upgrading them. So, do not waste your valuable resources and use them wisely.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons.

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