Biomutant – How to Survive in Hypoxia Zones

Biomutant - How to Survive In Hypoxia Zones

Hypoxia Zones are the locations in Biomutant which is a status effect that will kill you eventually and you will be required to find out the Oxygen suit to survive in this dead zone. Here are the ways to survive in Hypoxia Zones in Biomutant

How to Survive in Hypoxia Zones in Biomutant

In order to survive in Hypoxia Zones, you have many options as under:

1. The very first one is to mix and match several armor pieces you have earned so far in the game that offer Hypoxia resistance. If you’re lucky enough, you will have sufficient pieces to get through.

2. The second way to survive in Hypoxia Zones is to try your Mekton in a location that is wide enough for it to pass through. The Mekton will keep you safe completely from Hypoxia.

3. The third possibility to survive is to spend bio-points that will help to increase your resistance to Hypoxia.

4. The most complicated yet very effective method to survive in Hypoxia Zones is to get the Oxygen Suit. You need to complete the Oxygen Pingdish quest to get it.

– Go to the Pingdish 11H which is also known as the Oxygen Pingdish, north side of the tree.

– Clear that location and then turn the dish till the signal is stable and then hit ‘use’.

– Then, you will be taken to the location called Bangshelter 11 and inside this location, first, you need to deal with some enemies and after defeating them, you can find the Oxygen suit.

The only problem here is that first of all you need Heat resistance to step out in this area where the Oxygen suit is.

Once you obtain the Oxygen suit, you can easily survive in Hypoxia Zones and now you can stroll into the Deadzone freely.

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