Biomutant – How to Mute or Turn Off the Narrator

Biomutant is a remarkably told tale. There is a narrator in the game who translates the gibberish spoken remarks and character’s dialogues. He narrates everything from NPC dialogues to actions during the battle. Sometimes, he also says some cheeky lines such as “Whoosh” or “Super effective!” and many other things. Besides, he is also very helpful when there are some intractable objects around. However, if you don’t like his voice or if you don’t want him to narrate everything, you can turn off the voice of the Narrator in Biomutant. Let’s check out here how you can do it.

How to Mute the Narrator in Biomutant

In order to mute the narrator, it is very simple. You only need to turn off the narrator audio. To do this, here are the simple steps.

1. Go to the Pause menu and click on ‘Settings’.

2. Next, scroll to the ‘Audio’ tab and find the ‘Frequency’ section.

3. There you will see two options, Gibberish and Narrator. Adjust according to your preference. Also, you can lower the ‘Speech’ slider to 0 and he will be muted.

This will not remove the narrator totally, and you will see only as subtitles what the narrator says during the conversations. In case, you want him to speak again, you just need to turn it all up to a 100 and he will start narrating again.

According to us, we never found his voice annoying or distracting. On the other hand, you will feel like you have your best friend during the gameplay. And as we have said earlier, many times he is helpful also when there are some interactable objects around. However, you still don’t like this pleasant company, you can mute him.

That’s everything you need to know How to Mute the Narrator in Biomutant.

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