Biomutant – How to Increase Your Stats

If you think that the Biomutant game looks simple and straightforward, there are several states and attributes you will need to manage and improve in the game. These stats show everything from damage mitigation, damage dealt, health to chances of obtaining rare loot. Stats are linked with the Character Creation system that allows players to customize their starting Attributes which are based on their ideal playstyle. So, let’s find out here how to increase your Stats in Biomutant.

How to Increase your Stats in Biomutant

As you progress in the game, you will have three different methods to increase your Stats.

Method 1: Level up

The very first one is when you level up, you can increase an Attribute of your choice by 10. You need to select which Attribute you need to increase from the given list. Also, you will get 1 point which can be used to unlock skills from the Perks and Wung-Fu menus. You will get XP by completing quests and combats.

Method 2: Find objects and interact with them

The second method is to find out certain objects in the world and interact with them. Some of them need a brief QTE (Quick-Time Event) sequence. In these objects, there will be several different kinds of things such as lifting weights. So, always watch out for anything you notice unusual in certain places you find and always try to interact with everything.

Method 3: Equip gear and craft items

This is one of the obvious methods to increase your Stats. During the gameplay, keep equipping gears and crafting items that will increase your Stats.  

Thus, there are several ways to increase your Stats in Biomutant and it all depends on you, which method you’re comfortable with. You can easily increase Stats by doing anything you want; each player will get a unique experience every time. 

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