Biomutant – How to Get Psi-Points

Biomutant features a variety of different currencies that you can use for upgrades of different types. All of the currencies are important including the Psi-Points. Once you have chosen your Aura, you can use the Psi-Points to unlock the respective ability. Like the Upgrade Points and the Bio-Points, the Psi-Points are also not easy to come by and you will have to grind quite a bit to get them. And it’s logical that they are so hard to accumulate given their importance in the game. If you are wondering how to get Psi-Points in Biomutant, read through the guide.

How to Get Psi-Points in Biomutant

While the Psi-Points are tough to find, they are easier than the other two currencies in the game. To get Psi-Points in Biomutant, you need to interact with the Psi-shrines, complete specific quests, and interact with the NPC action. While completing side quests to get the Psi-Points don’t require much explanation as you will find them as you keep doing side quests, but the other two methods are a bit complicated.

Psi-shrines are tent like structures that you find throughout the world of Biomutant. Interacting with these shrines will award you with the Psi-Points. There is such an abundance of these shrines that you can find them literally everywhere and it’s also the best way to farm the points. Every time you come across a shrine and interact, you will be awarded with one Psi-Point.

The most complicated way to get Psi-Points is through certain actions you perform when there are NPCs. If you find an NPC in the world with a work at hand such as chopping the wood. If you are able to interact with the situation, you would have the option to help the NPC in their work or burn or destroy the wood. Regardless of the choice you make, you will be awarded with 1 Psi-Point; however, if your action goes with the side you have chosen, you will get an aura boost. For example, if you have chosen the Dark side, then you need to burn the wood to increase the aura and vice versa.

So, these are the various ways to earn Psi-Points in Biomutant. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.      

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