Biomutant – How to Get Crafting Materials

Just like most of the games, you can craft your weapons in Biomutant as well. There are mainly 5 materials that are very important in this game – gears, wood, rubber, plastic, and digital chips. In this game, you will find crafting materials almost everywhere. However, most of these materials you will get by exploring the world, searching trains, broken cars, and looting boxes and chests. However, if you want to make the most out of it, it is important to know how and when to look, at certain points. So, here is a quick guide for you on how to get crafting materials in Biomutant.

How to Get Crafting Materials in Biomutant

As we have stated above, the crafting materials are found everywhere, so it doesn’t make any sense to check out every nook and corner. There are certain points and actions where you can get crafting materials.

Crafting materials like Duct Tapes and Planks can be obtained by killing enemies, scrap Totems, and dismantling clothes or actual parts. Totems mean big-sized pillars made from different items when you break them, you can collect their materials. These are some of the crafting materials which are easy to miss out and also these are not shown in the overload map so keep checking on these at all times.

On the other hand, if you are looking for crafting materials for weapons and armour, you need to search for every interactable object in the world. You can also buy directly from shops and vendors. Moreover, sometimes, they can also be obtained as quest rewards.

The last tip we would like to let you know that, don’t think twice before dismantling weapon parts and clothes if you are not using them anymore as they are the best source of crafting materials. You would not be able to find parts this way, but at least you will have the resources ready and so you can craft items using them at any point in time.

That’s everything about this guide on How to Get Crafting Materials in Biomutant.

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