Biomutant – How to Get All Environmental Suits

In Biomutant, you must protect yourself from Heat, Hypoxia, and other environmental hazards. 4 suits will protect against such environmental hazardous. There is a similar method to obtain them by completing a certain side quest. These are very simple as they are marked on the map so you can easily track and complete easily. However, to find out the side quest is quite tricky and so we are here to help you. Let’s quickly find out how to get all Environmental Suits in Biomutant

How to Get All Environmental Suits in Biomutant

As we have mentioned, 4 environmental suits will be a huge help as you explore Bimutant’s world. When you encounter any hazard, you will get a quest that will send you the direction of where you need to go to collect that suit.

Here are the complete details of each environmental suits:

1. Warmth Zone: Heat Zone Suit

It is very easy to spot the Warmth Zone on the map from a distance as it is surrounded by purple mist. As you go closer, you will see some purple rocks. You simply need to sit on the sting that says “Warmth Zone”. After a few seconds, you will get the side quest which will give you Heat Zone Suit.

2. Hypoxia Zone: Oxygen Suit

You will be in Hypoxia Zone at the beginning of the game, but you can’t collect it initially because the Oxygen suit is locked inside a Warmth Zone. So, when you get the Heat Zone Suit first, you may get this Oxygen suit after that.  

3. Biohazard: Biohazard Suit

This suit permits you to explore Biohazard areas. As there will be a destroyed nuclear energy plant in this space, it is important to collect it. Like other suits, stay for a few seconds in the Biohazard area and you will get the Biohazard suit quest.

4. Cold Zone: Cold Zone Suit

The final environmental suit is the Cold Zone Suit. To get this suit, go to the Cold Zone Area, simply stay there a few seconds until the cut-scene plays, and then you will get the quest.

That’s all for this guide on How to Get All Environmental Suits in Biomutant.

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